Photo Tuning: R1200GS




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The BMW R1200GS was built from 2004 to 2012 with a 2-cylinder, 1170cc,  air/oil cooled, 4 valves per cylinder, fuel injected, 4-stroke boxer engine that made 109 HP at 7750 RPM. Top speed was 125 mph. Six speeds, shaft drive, wheelbase 59.3, seat height 33, 110/80 R 19 front wheel, 150/70 R 17 rear wheel, front dual disc brake, disc rear, 5.3 US gal. tank. 51 mpg. 448 lb. dry weight.


Photo Tuning: R75/6



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The BMW R75/6 was built from 1973 to 1976 with a 2-cylinder, 745cc,  air cooled, 2 valves per cylinder, carbureted, 4-stroke boxer engine that made 50 HP at 6200 RPM. Top speed was 110 mph. Five speeds, wheelbase 57.7, seat height 32, 3.25 x 19 front wheel, 4 x 18 rear wheel, front disc brake, drum rear, 4.8 US gal. tank. 52 mpg. 462 lb. wet weight.

Cold Weather Riding: Part Two

Handlebar Muffs 038-2  I was not happy about the -15 F overnight recently that kept me from riding. Also, I wanted to top off my tank and add a little SeaFoam. Plus, I had just installed a pair of $50 Oxford handlebar muffs and I wanted to to see what they would do for me.

So far, my short rides have avoided the need for electric heat, which I don’t have.

The bike had been sitting outside under cover with no battery tender for about a week and it was colder than I had ever tried to start it. My normal starting procedure is to put it in neutral with ignition on, move enrichment lever to full, squeeze the clutch lever and momentarily hit the starter. Wait a few seconds and hit the starter again and it starts. This time it didn’t start on the second hit. On the third hit it almost started. On the fourth it came to life. It seems to need the pauses to let the cold fuel vaporize in the intake manifold. Cranking away doesn’t seem to help.

The roads were more or less dry with a little coating of salt, but my driveway was icy in places and so was the Sunoco station, six miles away. I stayed up. And cars seemed to stay way clear of me. On the way home as I passed the bank, the temperature sign read 17 degrees F, and then coming past the airport, a woman jogging with her dog spotted me and couldn’t suppress a big smile. I felt the same way, even though my thumbs and forehead were getting cold.

Even at 17 degrees doing 50 mph into the wind with no heat, I was surprisingly close to being comfortable. Improvements needed, but the muffs may work out. I especially like the hard core look.