Photo Tuning : BMW R90/6

Dan's R90-1024

.Dan's R90-10b-1024

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The BMW R90/6 was built from 1973 to 1976 with a 2-cylinder, 898cc,  air cooled, 2 valves per cylinder, carbureted, 4-stroke boxer engine that made 67 HP. Top speed was 120 mph. Five speeds, shaft drive, wheelbase 57.7, seat height 32, 3.25 x 19 front wheel, 4 x 18 rear wheel, front disc brake, drum rear, 6.3 US gal. tank. 52 mpg. 474 lb. wet weight.


Cold Weather Riding: Part 3


Here in New Hampshire, the temperature has risen to 32 degrees only once in February. I have been checking the temps in Jokkmokk, Sweden, just north of the arctic circle, and it has been warmer there.

Nonetheless, it got to 28 degrees today and I decided to start the F650 because it had been sitting for over a week. Once I got it running, though,  I thought I should take a short run with it instead of using the car. I was taking a break and needed a snack. I put on my riding gear.

The driveway had a layer of packed snow with some ice where the car tires had really packed it down. It’s a slight incline out onto the street and I tried staying off the tire tracks thinking I would have more traction in the looser snow. I stopped to check for oncoming traffic and then couldn’t get started again. The rear wheel would just spin. So I backed up and moved over into the smoother, packed tire tracks and carefully moved forward, keeping the clutch in the friction zone. I made it out onto the more or less dry pavement.

My destination driveway was all packed snow and ice near the street, but I judged I could get across it and I made it. I was worried about getting back out because it slopes sideways and if the bike started tipping I might not have enough foot traction to keep it upright. The snow banks are so high near the street that you can’t see oncoming traffic until you are partially out in the lane. I was careful and it went okay.

I rode down off the mountain to the town hall and back to give the bike a good warming. The state road was essentially bare. With a little counter-steering I can put the front wheel exactly where I want it, avoiding the dark, damp spots of pavement and the chunks of ice that have fallen off vehicles.

A short and sweet ride. The coldest of winter is behind me now and the days are longer. Things are looking up.