Owning the Right Bike

I’m addicted to perusing the many different bikes that a person could own, all the way from the Honda Ruckus to the Harley ElectraGlide. The right bike is a magic carpet that will lift you out of the constraints of ordinary life with the promise of unlimited adventure. Just imagining a ride on that bike is therapeutic. But which one is right for your personality and requirements?

You need to buy the bike that you are going to want in the future, not necessarily the one you want now.

All motorcycles are a compromise in differing ways. The drawbacks of the one you own might be improved on with another machine, and for that reason you are going to consider the alternatives. You want your own machine to hold up against these comparisons, all things considered. Once you own a motorcycle, you will experience the reality of it, so you need to approach that familiarity beforehand and not make decisions based on imaginings, hype, wishful thinking, and opinions of others. “Be careful of something that’s just what you want it to be.”

There are a lot of expenses in moving to another bike. The cost of buying the bike you already own is zero. The economy of that is tough to beat. For that reason, you are tied to the bike you bought, so it needs to already be the one you want.


If You Have a Motorcycle

Lach Bike

If you have a motorcycle, you can enjoy your grandson climbing up onto it, hands on the grips, deciding all those controls are something to explore and master. How do you start it? Key in the on position, lights come on, a small thumb presses the start button, the engine fires up. How do you stop it? Turn the key off or hit the kill switch. The bright red kill switch does the job. I want to hear the horn. The switch is self identifying and has already been spotted. Another small thumb sends out a warning blast of sound.

He’s six years old and he knows the feel and sound of a big single that is capable of carrying him around the world.