Flashing Blue Lights

I have a problem with 35 mph speed limits.


The traffic is typically moving at 40-44 mph and my ’97 F650 doesn’t like that range. In 3rd gear, there is enough of a buzz to notice. In 4th gear, I am lugging. Uphill at that speed 3rd is better with a little load on the engine and 4th is not possible. Downhill, 4th is doable. But on the flat at 42, the ride is just not as pleasant as it is at other speeds.

If there is no traffic in my lane, I can run slow in 3rd or fast in 4th. And until a few days ago, I got away with the occasional fast 4th. That’s right, the flashing blue lights, embedded in a string of oncoming cars.

I immediately pulled over and removed my full face helmet in a mental bid for the “harmless geezer gaff” scenario.

49 mph. Born in 1944, right there on my license. Officer in his twenties chuckled and gave me a warning. And then a little more chuckling. Didn’t even require me to retrieve my registration from under the seat.

I don’t like that the geezer gambit worked so effortlessly.