Cold Weather Riding: Part 5

The F650 has been accumulating that white powdery, road salt, metal-eating,  winter worn look. It’s 33 degrees, sun is shining, roads are dry. That’s right! Time to head for the local car wash.

But why not do it with a bit more comfort?


Check these out. Got them for Christmas.  They come in a foil pouch and as soon as the air hits them they start producing heat. How? It’s a blend of iron powder, water, salt, activated charcoal and vermiculite. Sort of a very slow-acting, self-igniting gunpowder, I imagine.


I have been using an LLBean wool mitten liner inside an old pair of down ski mittens. I put the Yaktrax pouch just on the outside of the wool mitten above my fingertips.  With the wool mitten already inside the down one, it’s easy to slip the pouch in-between and get it where you want it.

Sure enough, I could feel the heat as I set off down the road. My face was feeling cold until I realized my face shield wasn’t down all the way. After that it was all cozy.

At the car wash do-it-yourself bay, I took the mittens and helmet off and put on a lighter pair of gloves to handle the wash equipment.

A nice thing about having the heat in your mittens is you can afford to get your hands cold performing a task that requires your fingers out in the open, like putting 12 quarters into the wash machine. You get relief as soon as the mittens go back on.

I use up my 3 minutes with prewash, soap, wax and rinse. I try not to blast away near the wheel and suspension bearings. Some places you want the grease to stay. I wipe down the bike. I’m on my way on a clean machine.

Do the hand warmers work? I’m riding back into the driveway thinking I’d like to stay out longer. Why not. My hands are fine.

Let’s see now, how far south do I need to ride in the cold before I find 50-degree weather? It’s been on my mind.