I recently became a recycled biker after a 40 year hiatus. On this second pass,  I was coming from a minimalist point of view looking for transportation, low cost, something I could maintain myself. I found it immensely enjoyable to contemplate the character of different bikes and imagine owning one and what that would be like. But it sounds a bit lame during the review of a typical day.

“What have you been doing?”

“Looking at motorcycles.”

“You’ve been doing a lot of that.”


I guess it’s not easy to explain, and that’s part of what the blog is about.

On the one hand, a motorcycle exists in the world of intangibles like expression of personality, the lure of the open road, independence, and art. On the other hand, there are the visceral experiences of buying a bike, learning to ride it, getting a license, riding in traffic, maintenance and repair, weather, and implementing safety measures. There’s nothing between me and the pavement except skill and the reliability of the machine.

There’s a substantial difference between the imagined motorcycle experience and the real one, but for me they both yield a lot of enjoyment.

In the end, though, I don’t think you need reasons to think about motorcycles. I don’t remember deciding to get into it again. At some point, I just found myself doing it.

Also, I apparently can’t resist tuning on motorcycle photos and the blog is a nifty place to store them, not to mention all the other info that would tend to slip away.














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