2017 Spring Winnipesaukee Ride

When a good day suddenly appears, I’m apt to find myself on a ride around the big lake. Like today, for example. Snow in the woods, bare roads, a high near 70 degrees and sunny.

I recently acquired a new Sedici three-season armored jacket for a closeout price of $138 and I wanted to try it out.


It has zip-out wind and thermal layers. I had them both in. I was too warm when stopped, but it was okay moving. In several pockets of snow and shade, the jacket was just right.

I should have removed the thermal layer when I got overheated but I was too preoccupied (lazy).

FullSizeRender (2)

Cottage on Alton Bay with a red roof

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Tuftonburo Town Beach

The bob houses have retreated off the spring ice after curing several fishermen of their post Christmas blues. See December photo.


Mount Washington cruise ship resting up before the summer season begins.

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Bad BMW man peering in the window at Meredith Harley Davidson

The bike ran well as always, traffic was sparse, things to see, spring in the air. And I like the jacket a lot. It was a good ride.





Had a burial in the family yesterday. Went to the dentist this morning. That’s right, time for motorcycle therapy.

A nice thing about even a low-end BMW is it’s ability to provide reliable transportation. The F650 is just sitting there waiting for me to get on it and go. To Sunapee, NH.Route to Sunapee

Headed south on 11 past Mount Major, one of the most frequently climbed mountains in the world. Through scenic Alton Bay where the cruise ship Mount Washington stops in the summer on her way around Lake Winnipesaukee.

dinner-restaurants-alton-bay-nhThat’s not the Mount Washington, by the way. I’m guessing a billionaire in a vintage Chris Craft on an early-season run down from Wolfeboro.

While heading south on route 28 to 202, I noticed a BobCat dealer. When I was a kid there was one backhoe in town. That was it. Plus an old cable driven shovel at Georgetown Sand and Gravel. Now we have become a nation of diggers. With hydraulic excavators we can even dig in the winter. We dig so much that you have to notify DigSafe whenever you want to dig, even on your own property. They send out the relevant utilities to mark where their stuff is located underground, so you won’t hit it. My neighbor had a digger. I moved and my new neighbor also has a digger. I have rented a digger myself. And then hired a bigger digger. And that digger guy brought in an even bigger digger. I’m not making this up. This is New Hampshire and the rock you need to move is often the size of a Volkswagen.


I gassed up with 93 octane at the Sunoco in Contoocook after circling through the Mobil station which, for some reason, had only regular and diesel. Rode through Warren and made a wrong turn in a place called Guild, NH. I think the only thing in Guild is this mini post office and a place to get your hair cut. That’s it. The handicap access is a major (majorly bad, but to code) architectural element.


The landscape west of Concord is extremely pleasant to ride through. I enjoyed it all the way to Lake Sunapee.



I’m sitting on the side of the boat ramp at Sunapee Harbor where you can launch and retrieve your trailered lake craft. Only a few people around on a weekday this time of year, just before the season gets underway. This is a pleasant spot to be.

Sunapee means “Wild Goose Waters” and some local people have descended from the native Penacooks who “hunted geese in the autumn and fished for speckled trout using nets, weirs and spears.”

About 150 years ago the railroad reached the lake and brought a lot of new visitors. Pre-automobile era. Steamboats were used to ferry the tourists to resorts and vacation homes. There are still three lighthouses on the lake.


Met up with family in New London for dinner and a lacrosse game. It’s a bit of serendipity that I’m related to the people who dominate girl’s lacrosse in this part of the world. 18-1 this time.

Headed for home around 8 PM. Still plenty of light but the black flies are out this time of year, especially in the evening.


I recommend a full face helmet. The windshield and fairing deflect the bugs off the rest of my body. The helmet takes care of the air coming over the top of the windshield.

It’s clear I am much better off on a motorcycle than out working in my yard.